Stories about RACE

More in our Let's talk about RACE series.


What does hate look like? A guide to symbols used by hate groups in PA.

By Matt Stroud

Out of 49 hate crime charges in Allegheny County, only one led to a conviction. Why?

By Matt Stroud

Why are the leadership ranks of Pa. nonprofits so white and how could they be more diverse?

By Madeleine Davison

The invisible victims of police violence—black mothers

By Muffy Mendoza

Photos: Activists demand justice for Antwon Rose Jr.

By J. Dale Shoemaker and Madeleine Davison

I’m a slow learner when it comes to race, but I’m trying.

By Jim Daniels

For us, homeschooling is the only option because of America’s incompetency in educating Black children

By Muffy Mendoza

Conversations black parents are forced to have. Here’s my list.

By Delmesha Richards

Social media posts by Pittsburgh security firm spark concerns over its partnership with North Allegheny School District

By Juliette Rihl

Pitt leadership hears from experts, community on removing “racist, ugly” legacy from campus building

By Jeffrey Benzing

My 6-year-old grandson thought a book character’s skin was ‘too dark.’ Here’s how I handled it.

By Aisha White

Six key video clips on gentrification, East Liberty and Amazon from our interview with filmmaker Chris Ivey

By Jeffrey Benzing

How history and privacy policies inform my decision to be wary of a routine doctor’s visit

By Doni Crawford

Depression is not something a black person necessarily grows up understanding. I didn’t until I had to.

By Jason McKoy

White civil rights advocate shares lessons learned from MLK with Pittsburgh audience

By Brittany Hailer

The ‘Little Things’ epidemic: Why teens ‘just joking around’ is so dangerous

By Alexandra Flagg

Data on RACE: Stats every Pittsburgher should know

By PublicSource

Black Tech Nation officially launched to support Pittsburgh’s black tech community

By Brittany Hailer

Targeted by a white supremacist in Pittsburgh for being a ‘race traitor’

By Meg St-Esprit

What’s left when the gentrifiers come marching in

By Jeremiah Davis

A noose hanging outside our Pittsburgh home is tied to a much larger problem

By Jamelia N. Morgan and Dustin P. Gibson